The Freshman 15

Now that you’re not eating home-cooked meals, you’re probably eating pizza in the dining hall.  Don’t. Try to regulate your eating habits, even though loads of unhealthy foods are so readily available.  As a freshman, you’re probably getting more drunk than you used to, and drinking every night is a good way to gain weight – especially if you’re munching after a late-night out right before you pass out.  The best way to avoid the freshman 15 is to go grocery shopping so that you can cook your own food. This way, you are making a list of health-conscious things to eat, and when you come home from partying late at night, you’ll have health-conscious food in the refrigerator and not have to order a pizza.  Or you could attempt to limit your drinking and late-night fridge raiding.

The Freshman 15 is no myth here are some of my favorite websites to help combat late-night-junk-food-eating, drunk-munchies, and all together poor health habits.


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