It was Semi-Formal at My School This week… To Greek or Not To Greek?

Here’s what I have to say..

Although I am not a part of a sorority I have my own opinions on Greek Life in college. Its a pretty big deal at a lot of colleges,thousands of students all over the US have taken the pledge to be a part of a brother or sisterhood.

I have never had the desire to join a sorority, however I have a couple close girl friends who are ‘sisters’ and I have, in the past had some reservations about Greek life.

When my best friend Sadia decided to rush for Kappa Phi Beta our second year at St. John’s, I had a lot of impatience with the amount of time she spent with these girls. I was always proud of her for being so dedicated to the process, I know it had to be grueling. Not like she was ever allowed to say anything about the rushing. There was a lot of tension in our friendship during that time and I was just as much to blame.

I’m a very honest person I and I will admit when I’m wrong, and I admit I should not have been so judgmental about Sadia’s decision to pledge. There are still a lot of things I don’t agree with in Greek life, and I do have a general opinion of a sorority girl or a frat guy but Sadia doesn’t fit that. Over the past two years she’s been able to successfully manage a full-time course load, two jobs, obligations to Greek Life, as well as best friend obligations… and trust me I’ve been calling on her. I’ve also opened myself up to some of her sorority sisters and have gained some good friends. So I can’t answer the question To Greek or Not To Greek without a bias…

Sadia gives you 5 reasons to go Greek and our mutual friend Katie gives you her 5 uncensored reasons not to go Greek. 

I asked Sadia to make sure she got me the typical Sorority-formal-group-shot at her Semi-Formal this weekend and this is what she gave me. She asked me to have the faces unrecognizable because Greek Life is strict on how they are promoted, especially on the internet.


Hi, Just some background on me!

Hi!! Thanks so much for viewing my site. Your here cause you need some tips or advice about anything and everything college related. This is my blog so the tips and advice are from my first hand experience and interviews I’ve conducted with other students.

Everyone’s college experience will be different, especially with the millions of different ways to gain higher education. There’s vast differences between universities and colleges, community colleges and online classes, and part-time students to full-time students.

Where am I coming from?..

My name is Karyn Jacobs I’m 22 and I’m a social butterfly, who’d rather make mistakes in the real world than learn about them in a classroom. I am a quick learner and would rather teach myself a formula from a book than have it awkwardly explained to me by a teacher I can’t relate to.

I am a 4th year student at St. John’s University, I am currently taking courses towards my major in Public Relations, and a minor in Events Management. St. John’s is a very diverse University, in the heart of Jamaica, Queens. It’s diversity comes from it’s mix of full-time on campus students and part-time commuter students and international students and out-of-state students.

I am personally an out-of-state part-time student who works 5 days a week as a bartender. 

I lived on campus for my freshman year, the rules and regulations are strict at St. John’s University, due to the urban area and the living on campus was very limiting for me, so I couldn’t wait to get out.

Freshman year dorms with some of the girls on my floor

My Parents at my brothers wedding 8/14/10

I have been in three different apartments since, two different roommates, and now I finally have my own place a few minutes from campus. I’m working very hard to please my parents, who are currently helping pay my tuition along with massive student loans. I was born in a small town in Massachusetts, just north of Boston. My parents are typical Italian-Irish, Catholics and have been a tremendous support system to me while I have been going through college struggles.

I have three older brothers, all with their own college experiences before me to learn from.

My Brother Paul and sister-in-law Caitlin

Paul, 25 graduated with Magna Cum Lauda from Bentley, a prestigious business college in Massachusetts. He began interning with an up and coming online student travel website his freshman year and after four years of interning the business took off and at graduation he was promoted to Director of Business Development. He’s now married and about to buy his own home, its safe to say he used his college experience wisely.

My brother Mike showing his pieces at an artshow

 Mike, 26 graduated with a degree in Art from the University of Massachusetts, a huge university located in the metropolitan Lowell, MA. Mike is an artist, and he struggled with his core classes which prolonged his college career. UMass Lowell helped Mike a lot with showing his pieces, and he gained great career experience that way. Mike was a commuter student he went from living with my parents, living in a fraternity house and then on his own throughout his college experience. This is in contrast to Paul who spent his four years as an Resident Assistant dorming on campus. He eventually graduated and his slight lack of motivation altered his urgency on working in his field. However, he’s constantly producing art and is positive he will need the degree he earned, as a statement on his resume and the experiences he gained, more than anything else.

8/28/82-2/27/07 ❤

 Adam, 29 is my oldest brother. He made the decision after high school to not seek higher education. This was a big controversy in my very traditional family. He had the same worth ethic as me where he’d rather have his hands dirty than listen to a lecture. I’d love to tell you that Adam prospered in life and made the right decisions, such as the story of my father who never graduated high school and makes a higher salary than my mother who graduated from the prestigious Northeastern University, in Boston. Unfortunately, the God I trust had a different plan and took Adam at the age of 25 after some bad decisions lead him to a fatal accident. He still taught me a lot about the value of life experience and gave me a lot to strive for while bettering myself, especially in these crucial college years.

So, you see I have a lot of different first hand experience with college, aside from being a student myself. I hope I can be of some help when you’re looking for advice. If you have any particular questions feel free to email me at

Thanks!! All My Love!