This page is all about the other side of college, dating and partying

Tips from a Chick For Men

My Biggest Pet Peeves 

  • Guys who take longer in the shower than I do, and come out smelling like an Abercrombie and Fitch store.
  • Guys who are under the impression that every girl who asks to borrow notes from class, really wants to sleep with them.
  • Guys who think a female cant see when their eyes our glued to her chest.
  • Guys who hold this conversation with a woman:

Male: “Would you like to kick it with me some time baby?”

Female: “I have a boyfriend.”

Male: “That’s not what I asked you.”

Here are some Dos and Donts

  • Do– At least send a text message the morning after you have sex with a girl
  • Do– Use a condom!
  • Do– Invite her to hang out with your friends, even if it is just kickin’ it in the dorm it’ll make her feel special
  • Do — Date around, use you’re dating time in college wisely you’re being exposed to a lot of different types of females… you may even find your wife.
  • Don’t — Fall in love right away, the majority of relationships started during you’re first year of college is a strong lust or dependence that won’t last 50% of the time
  • Don’t– DATE/HAVE SEX/EVEN FLIRT with a close friend of a female you’re had sex with, the girl code is stronger than your sex appeal.
  • Don’t — Judge a book by its cover, especially in college the brainy girls in class asking all the questions probably looks cute in a pair of heels.
  • Don’t — Call a girl more than 3 times with no response, she gets the point you wanna talk if she’s into you it’s up to her after that.

Woman to Woman:: Dos and Donts

  • Do– take advantage of the cutie sitting next to you, its lame but the “do you have a pen?” line always breaks the ice.
  • Do– always have back up outfits, especially if you’re a commuter student you never know when you’re going to have to throw on a pair of skinny boots and jeans, and grab a drink with a guy from your class, maybe the one who lent you that pencil.
  • Do– memorize a fake number, be sure its 10 digits, and that you can recite it with no hesitation.
  • Do– take advantage of all privileges when it comes to being a female. This includes working for tips, attending ladies night open bar events, and free drinks from gentlemen only.
  • Don’t– Think you’re too hot to buy your own drink at a club, if you don’t have enough money out with you to buy a couple drinks, then you don’t have enough class to get men who can afford to buy your drinks all night.
  • Don’t–Admit to your number. Ever. I’m talking about your sex partner count. Some things are better left to the imagination.
  • Don’t– WEAR UGGS WITH A MINI SKIRT. No where in the world is that cute or weather appropriate
  • Don’t — Be afraid to get what you want. This includes, men, respect, and success.

Notes From a Bartender on Attending a Bar

  • Tip your bartenders goddamit if you don’t you’re just reinforcing our accusations that college kids don’t tip, and therefore you will not be getting my attention again anytime soon
  • When you attend an open bar it doesn’t mean that I am doing any less work making your drink, but if you don’t tip me I will have no problem making your next free cranberry vodka into a vodka water.
  • If you’re a regular customer of mine (who tips) and I give you drinks on the house… keep your mouth shut about it. “This bartender is dope she always hooks me up on drinks and I slip her a tip that the other bartenders don’t see.”…did you know that was my boss you just confided in idiot!
  • Don’t leave your money on the bar, I may not take it but someone else might, and then I’ll get pissed when you think I took it as a tip. “If you’re tipping me say “here, this is for you,” and hand it to me.
  • If you are my friend and I tell you to come to my bar while I’m working, do not get trashed and make a fool of yourself, especially if I already announced to the bar “this is my best friend, we party together every weekend.”

My Favorite Places to Party in NYC

There’s nothing like getting your college experience in New York City. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, to leave home and come to the big apple. I think everyone needs to experience NYC at least one time in their life, the possibilities here are endless. Here are a few of my favorite places to enjoy the night-life in NYC:

  • Pacha, NYC the greatest place to let loose and dance in NYC, dj spinning till 10am
  • Turtle Bay a big college student crowd, especially on Wednesday nights for $1 beers
  • Greenhouse lounge/club vibe, expensive bottle table prices though
  • Kissing Fly , sexy club in the Meat Packing District
  • Webster Hall, 4 floors of entertainment there’s always different music on each floor